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Learn the 8 to Your IdealWeight "Get Real, Get Healthy" Method of Weight Loss Coaching created by International Master Trainer MK Mueller

Help women (and men) love themselves and lose weight without dieting or calorie counting by sharing the fundamental keys of feeling good!

  • The EXACT recipe to go from unfufilled and underpaid to building your own coaching business and working from home within 3 months or less -- even if you're busy, bad at business, or don't know where to start
  • How to help women (and men) be happier, healthier, and more empowered using our 8-step process
  • The Facebook Business Launch Blueprint (including our secret Text Messaging technique)
  • How The Teacher, The Entrepreneur, The Wellness Coach, and The Government Worker took control of their income and are making a difference in the world (they know something most people don't)

I love the me I’ve become through this class
and want to share it with the world!

- Sue Fitzgerald


About the 8 to Your IdealWeight Method: Get Real. Get Healthy. Get Empowered.

The IdealWeight program is not a cleanse, a detox, or a diet. It’s a total lifestyle change built on a foundation of self-love and an 8-step process to help you soar through your day — and feel your feelings — without “needing” the numbing, protective shield that overeating can provide. Once you finally drop the shield, you naturally drop the weight. You can learn this method and  teach it to others in just a few months when you have the desire to learn and serve.

As a Certified 8 to Your IdealWeight Coach, you will learn how to:

  • Help women (and men) manage their emotions without turning to food
  • Help them love and respect themselves and set boundaries
  • Help them find joy and fulfillment they've only dreamt of
  • Help them stand up for what they want, living fully aligned and fully empowered
  • Help them overcome sweets cravings without feeling deprived 

About the Creator of the 8 to Your IdealWeight method...

The 8 to Your IdealWeight method was created by me, MK Mueller, a Master Certified Life Coach, author of six books, and founder of the 8 to Great University with over 2500 Certified Coaches on 4 continents. After going through my own yo-yo dieting disasters, I realized why so many diets and programs had failed me: they didn’t address the emotional issues that caused me to overeat in the first place (a huge oversight). And they certainly didn’t address self-love and deep acceptance. Plus, most diets were rigid, confusing and completely unsustainable. Frustrated, I decided to do something about it. Many years, coaching sessions, test-runs, refinements and thousands of weight loss success stories later: The 8 to Your IdealWeight method was born. Today: I’m on a mission to change the entire weight loss industry one new IdealWeight coach at a time.



The 8 to Your IdealWeight Coaching Certification program is perfect for:

  • Life coaches who want new skills and tools to help clients get better results
  • Fitness trainers who want to dig deeper into the emotional aspects of weight loss and body transformation
  • Recent retirees, teachers, counselors, nutritionists, yoga teachers, social workers, motivational speakers, psychologists, and anyone who is passionate about helping women (and men) to end cravings and find greater joy and peace

Upon completing the program, you will have the title of:  Certified 8 to Your IdealWeight Life Coach


What people are saying about the
8 to Your IdealWeight Coach Certification experience...

Becoming a certified 8 to Your IdealWeight coach has been one of the best decisions I've made in my career. I have NEVER seen my coaching clients have  such transforming experiences in such a short time.

Being able to work from home, travel with my husband, inspire women and men to live the life of their dreams and be generously compensated is MY dream come true, and I’m so grateful to MK for it!

Mary Beth Helgens
Wellness Coach, Cedar Rapids, Iowa

On 8 to Your IdealWeight not only have I released 46 pounds, but I’ve let go of  worry, regret, and years of emotional weight. The result is my body feeling younger and looking amazing! Now as a Coach, instead of being filled with sweets, I’m “filled” with confidence, happiness and the joy of coaching others through this amazing process. The fulfillment I feel every day is beyond words. I have found my home, my “job,” my mission and with all the other amazing coaches...my tribe.

Christina Auch
Kansas City, Missouri

I love being an 8 to Your IdealWeight coach for so many reasons. First, I get to help people help themselves by guiding each individual to listen to their senses - their own wisdom. This results in a self-motivation which is absolutely infectious. Meanwhile, being a part of each person's transformation helps me on my own weight journey. I’ve released 25 lbs. and I will reach my IdealWeight. This program teaches us all how to become an active participant in our lives. Who wouldn't want to be leading that charge? Come join us. You’ll be so glad you did!

Chelsea Phipps
Brusett, Montana

As an 8 to Your IdealWeight coach, my favorite thing to hear from participants is "Thank you for giving me hope!"  Most people come into the program thinking they’re going to learn to make better food choices, which they do, but then they discover the power to revamp their lives in all aspects.  I have released 30 lbs. on the program and am at a weight I haven’t seen for decades. Every day I am so blessed to be a part of this community and able to coach others through their journey of positive transformation. I invite you to consider joining our amazing community.

Patty Stuever
Wichita, Kansas

Being an IdealWeight coach is the most fulfilling and empowering thing I’ve ever done. Today a friend told me I look like I did back in high school. I'm 53! That's the power of 8 to Your IdealWeight. I radiate health and confidence, I’m craving free, and I absolutely love my life. Now as a Certified Coach I’m taking this healing, empowering process to women of all ages. I love the me I’ve become through this class and want to share it with the world!

Sue Fitzgerald
Jordan, Montana

When my sister told me how much she loved 8 to Your IdealWeight I was skeptical. But I took the plunge and over the past 8 months I’ve released 50 pounds and have 10 times the energy!  I love that I don’t have to restrict my fat intake so I stay full and satisfied all day. Meanwhile I sleep better, no longer have joint pain, my chronic headaches have disappeared, and I feel better all around!  I love this program so much I had to become a coach. I’m so grateful that now I coach 8 to Your IdealWeight from the comfort of my own home and watch others enjoy the same awesome success.

Linette Miller
Kinsley, Kansas

I LOVE being an 8 to Your IdealWeight Coach! I am a new and improved ME and these days I can’t keep this information to myself. After releasing 35 lbs. of extra-weight and unhealthy guilt, I’ve learned to love myself again, dream again, giggle again, take more risks and truly enjoy life. Releasing the sugar cravings and receiving daily support was HUGE. Now I’m blessed with happy tears as I watch my Ideals realize that same health and happiness. My heart is full!

Alice Packard
Prescott, Arizona

After working in a variety of training positions, I realized I wanted to make more of a difference in people’s lives.  With 8 to Your IdealWeight I've finally found a career that brings me joy every time I share it. I went on the program and released 20 pounds, and saw that it was about so much more than releasing weight!  Now as an IdealWeight Coach the feedback is so rewarding and the life changes are incredible to witness. I am so grateful and look forward every day to sharing this life-transforming program!

Kathy Oppold
Overland Park, Kansas

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